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So what is this site all about ?

  • Well, I like to travel and I like to go to Goth Clubs.
  • I like to go to Gothic Festivals
  • I like to go to weird travel spots, some of them vaguely gothic

For a number of years there was a brilliant site at vamp.org, but about 2 years ago the site died hasn't been updated. :-(

So now I find myself hunting on various forums when I go somewhere, trying to find what clubs are on. This can be a little hard when you don't speak the language, trawling through forum posts, hoping to spot something for the day you'll be in town. So this site is designed to be a clear list with info such as, the usual day the club is on, location including directions and venue details.

There will be over time a bit of content from my photo collection & I hope others will want to share their views on different clubs and events. (forums, galleries, comment entries with the listings)

Here is a quick run through of some of the clubs, festivals & things I've been to, which should give a good idea of why I have started this site :-

  • Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Goth & Darkwave (which is now Tokyo Dark Castle)
  • Kiev, Ukraine - to a mini-festival at which Das Ich played (thanks to Vinka, Polly & everyone on the Ukraine Gothic Forum for their help)
  • Lviv, Ukraine - to meet Dmitry from Global Promotions who brings bands to the Ukraine
  • Rome, Italy - several times to Jungle Club Roma, the Protestant Cemetery, Capuchin Crypt, Ancient Roman ruins.
  • Paris, France - to Le Rat Mort
  • London, UK - Slimelight, Electric Ballroom
  • San Francisco, CA, USA - I was there for a while, NYE 2000, Death Guild, Bondage A-Go-Go, etc
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA - Bar Sinister, Dungeon, Das Bunker, Miss Kitties
  • Las Vegas, USA - yeah I was surprised to find there was a goth club in Las Vegas, pretty good too.
  • Sydney, Australia - Die Maschine, Black Planet, Electric Ballroom, Ritual, Sanctuary, Armoury, Virus, Vortex, Bizerk, Shrine, etc
  • Melbourne, Australia - Gothic Ball, Abyss, Blue Velvet, Subculture, etc
  • Leipzig, Germany - WGT - Wave Gothic Treffen, I host an Australians in Leipzig drinks every year on Thursday
  • Hannover, Germany - M'era Luna Festival
  • Whitby, UK - Whitby Gothic Weekend
  • and I now live in New York with Salvation, Contempt, etc


I hope others will contribute to the site by

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Search Comments
gothic.ie  - Dominion goth club Dublin     |193.120.128.xxx |2010-04-12 09:54:08
hi i was hoping you could pull the dominion entry that hasn't even got so much
as a link to our website, I submitted a full and up to date version myself {with
links and more detail}

also wondering if under continents you would consider
country and region sub-catagories as it would make it easier for people to find
the clubs near where they are visiting when the site starts to fill up

I to share the dismay about the vamp club listings as we have moved
3 times our venue and it still pointed people at the wrong one, luckily we
turned full circle and are now back at that address

I intentionally left
price details blank as i see no way to update the details direct so it would be
better for people to get the fresh info from our site about prices etc.
goblyn4evil  - Remove Club   |130.212.196.xxx |2010-09-02 03:13:13
Hello. Can't figure out how to remove club. ElektroLounge in San Francisco is
defunct... Please remove.
admin   |SAdministrator |2010-09-08 20:54:57
hmmm, yep I'll need to look into how to do that
"self serve" as you're
right there doesn't seem to be a way.
I have disabled the club from the Admin
interface side, so it should be good.

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