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Devilish Presley
Gothic Bands
Written by Jacqui Vixen   
Friday, 13 February 2009 07:54

 Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Devilish Presley: purveyors of finest quality barnstorming, freeway-scorching, ripped-up, stripped-down, get-outta-town rock 'n' roll.

Here they come, with a bucketload of attitude and ten strings between them. Jacqui Vixen on bass, Johnny Navarro on guitar, and Elvis the drum machine kicking the backbeat around. That's all you need to get the Devilish Presley party started. This is a band that grabs all that is gonzoid and gung-ho about rockabilly, glam, punk and blues, stuffs the lot into a liquidiser and uses the resulting brew to fuel their own rock 'n' roll rocket. Add a slug of horrorshow firewater, set a match to the fuse, and stand by for blasting. If you've got a rock 'n' roll soul, you're going to like the fireworks - and you'll love the band's rumbustious racket.

Devilish Presley have an uncompromising independent ethic, and a relentless touring schedule that has taken them from their own stamping ground of London's east end to the murkiest rock clubs of Europe. They've shared festival stages with bands such as punk heroes The Damned and psychobilly godfathers The Meteors. They're a band on a mission to win hearts, minds and brains wherever there's a moshpit that needs to be ignited.

Now Devilish Presley's new album - the gloriously rowdy fifteen-tracker Flesh Ride, released on the band's own November Tenth label - is available on iTunes, giving wired-up rockers anywhere on the planet the chance to download a nugget of the Devilish Presley experience from the comfort of their own homes. But the band aren't just burning rubber on the information superhighway. Jacqui and Johnny are about to hit the real life road on their latest UK tour, a nine-date blast that's sure to lay a sulphurous trail of righteous rock 'n' roll smoke up and down the motorways of old England.

Fancy a Flesh Ride? Devilish Presley are going your way. Jump on board - and hang on tight.


Flesh Ride Out Now On iTunes  

 Devilish Presley - Flesh Ride


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Trip to Keiv, Ukraine - Das Ich
Industrial Bands
Written by Lore   
Sunday, 09 November 2008 10:20

Das Ich in Kiev 

As I do when I travel I look up what Clubs are going to be on at my destination, thus this site.  In September last year a group of us went from New York to Kiev, Ukraine for a friends wedding.  Checking out the Ukrainian Gothic Forum I found by amazing coincidence that a mini-Goth Festival Chorna Rada: Deti Nochi was going to be held the same weekend we were to be in town!

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Gothic Bands
Written by Lore   
Sunday, 26 October 2008 19:48


Australian Gothic Rock

Like other inspired musical pairings, Chris McCarter (vocals, guitar, programming) and Dino Molinaro (bass) began to create music as high school students in 1988 and are still recording and performing together. In 1991, the original moniker Death in the Dark was replaced by IKON and seventeen years later the Australian band’s distinctive blend of post-punk, rock, and darkwave elements has gained a devoted international following.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 November 2008 05:58
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EBM, Electro & Electronic Bands
Written by Lore   
Sunday, 26 October 2008 19:30


Amazing Cyber-punk Electronic act from Australia, their first album featured the club hit 100%. Touring extensively in the USA during 2007 with Crüxshadows & Ayria and Europe playing Wave Gotik Treffen, Castleparty and more.




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