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Wednesday, 22 April 2009 03:45

Angelspit's new remix CD 'BLACK KINGDOM RED KINGDOM' 

Now available for pre-order. Ships May15, 2009.

Angelspit's long awaited Blood Death Ivory Remix album features 13 tracks from leading Electro/Industrial artists. Details on the amazing CD artwork and packaging will be announced shortly.

Track Listing:
01. Kill Kitty (KMFDM Remix)
02. Jugular (Alec Empire Remix)
03. Grind (Ayria Remix)
04. Skinny Little Bitch (Implant Remix)
05. Girl Poison (Ego Likeness Remix)
06. Devilicious (Dave Foreman Remix)
07. Kill Kitty (The Mercy Cage Remix)
08. Skinny Little Bitch (v01d Remix)
09. Girl Poison (I:Scintilla Remix)
10. Devilicious (A Is For Arsenic Remix)
11. Red (The Erektor Remix)
12. Shaved Monkey (Left Spine Down Remix)
13. Jugular (BAAL Remix)

Angelspit will gladly sign your CD. Please type your name in the "SIGN IT!" field.

The CD comes in 3 packs:

Black Kingdom Red Kingdom CD
Angelspit's new 13 track Blood Death Ivory Remix CD

Black Kingdom Red Kingdom CD + Merch Pack
13 track Blood Death Ivory Remix CD + Wristbands, Patches, Pill Box and AWESOMENESS!

Black Kingdom Red Kingdom CD + Blood Death Ivory 2 CD Set
13 track Blood Death Ivory Remix CD + 11 track original Blood Death Ivory

Free global shipping on all 3 packs. Available NOW on

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