New York ComicCon Steampunk
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Monday, 04 October 2010 05:25

New York ComicCon Steampunk

Then Friday,Saturday & Sunday all sorts of Steampunk contests,photos, giveaways and free things are going on here at the Orbit Books booth (

You have
Never-Ending Closet: A Fashion Show
The Never-Ending Closet is a showcase of samples from the collections of various independent, alternative, and global designers that add Gothic, Lolita, and Neo-Victoriana aesthetics to modern life. Pieces will range from haute couture to everyday clothes with a Victorian twist and be modeled by passionate fans.
Steampunk Costuming and Gadgetry
Ever wanted to make your own steampunk costume but don't know where to start? Join the Outlanders for tips on construction techniques, sources of materials, and design ideas for steampunk gadgets and attire. Our massive arsenal of steampunk weapons and armor will be on display as we discuss the basics of setting up your own shop.

NYCC & NYAF Steampunk meet up Saturday 7pm At the Orbit Books booth ( at

Use this to help you plan your weekend:

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