Tokyo Goth & Darkwave 4

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Tokyo Goth & Darkwave #4 on Saturday 27th July 2002 was an amazing experience.  If you have been to a Goth club elsewhere and are going to Japan check one of the clubs out!

Advertising : First thing you might want to do is check out the advertisement on the right, you may notice a few things - this is a Japanese advert I picked up at a CD Shop in Tokyo for a Japanese club - mostly written in English.  The other odd thing is the start time 24:30, yep it didn't actually start on Saturday, but half past midnight on what was then Sunday!  I found out later the venue runs 3 clubs a night, 4pm-7:30pm, 8pm-11:30pm, 12am-?am.

Venue : The venue was a little different, basically it was 2 clubs next door to each other.  One was at the front on the street, the other next door, at the back of the place and downstairs.

Bands : There were several bands and shows on during the night, so you had to keep running back and forth between the two rooms.  The band Shrine was really good 'goth rock' sort of style.

Japanese Goth : The Japanese take on 'goth' is a little different to what I have seen in Australia and Europe, it's a little like west coast USA, but taken right to the edge.  There is a mixture of traditional goth, s&m, plus black metal and others.

Crowd at TG&D4.  It was quite an adventure making it to the show.
Act 1 - The program was a bit of a blur, like the photo.
Japanese Band called Shrine.  Cross Sisters of Mercy with Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  Very good.
Shrine, they were the 2nd last band upstairs and came on about 5am!
Shrine.  I have a copy of their CD if anyone wants to check it out.

Outside (blurry).  Universal constant, goths hanging around outside leaning on a rail.
Mushi and the back of Nick's head it seems.  :-)
Very odd, some of the girls were dressed in traditional kimonos, while talking to their friends in more typical dress.
Seij minus aÇ onstage, I also have a copy of their CD.
- pic thanks to hAj. Someone want to tell me how he took it while onstage? hAj is on the right.

Group shot with nice Brazilian guy I met (right) and his Japanese wife (centre). HiRes 350k.
- pic thanks to hAj.

Michael standing in front of the Tattoo and piercing booth.  HiRes 392k.
- pic thanks to hAj.

Sneaky (left) from the UK band Goteki DJ'ed.
- pic thanks to hAj.

I met heaps of cool people, there a few Americans around, two other Australian's, a French & Brazilian guy who I spoke to.  Photo 22 was taken when I was standing in a group of westerners talking about how amazing it was (caught a bit of Nick's arm there).   The Japanese people were ultra nice, one of the organisers ? (centre in pic 15) came up and talked to me, asking what I thought of the club.  I tried to talk to the guy's in Shrine, which was quite funny, they spoke no English and I don't speak Japanese.  Thanks for the CD guys!  I picked up another one at CD Gold in Shinjuku the next day. I met hAj from Seij minus aÇ as well on the night.

Some of the photos may be mislabled, I wasn't 100% sure of the order of the bands.

Thanks to hAj of Seij minus aÇ for these other picture links.

If you have any pictures from TG&D#4, please drop me a line!   scott [at], If I can either archive them here or link to your site would be cool.


28/07/2002 - Sunday     More pictures from this day are available on Pics Page #3

The famous "goth bridge" at Harajuku.  Its really a bunch of 15 year old kids dressed in wacky outfits.  Some are 'goth', most are just out there.

Goth Bar

Finding this bar was a classic.  Fred's website had alerted me that it was hard to find and the webpage and directions are only in Japanese.  I enlisted the help of Nick who reads Japanese and we met at Takadanobaba train station.  Check is out for a fluke, another Australian guy had been wandering around looking for the bar and had bumped into Nick on the way back into the train station - He hadn't been able to find it.  This is a whale sized fluke, neither Nick or this guy are tall and Tokyo train stations are madhouses full of people. 

So we wander off to find this bar, down streets left and right.  To the building which has a nice Black Cat sign high up the wall.  The bar is on the 4th floor (4F), go past the AM-PM (that's like a 7-11 convince store), look up for the sign a couple of buildings down on the left.   Kuro Neko Website

The barman & Nick at the Kuro Neko (Black Cat) bar in Takadanobaba.  

Its so small there are 6 seats at the bar & a corner bench seat shown here (left) which sits at best 6 more people.  Yep 12 people in total, + standing.  There is a table charge of Y1,000.



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