WGT - Wave Gothic Treffen
Wave Gothic Treffen - General Info
Written by Lore   

Wave Gothic Treffen - General Information 

Is one of the largest Gothic Festivals in the world.  Taking place each year in Leipzig Germany it plays host to 20,000 goths from all around the world.

160 bands featuring music from across the dark spectrum including, gothic, ebm, industrial music, electronic, medieval, etherial.

Travel Times between Venues ?

     How do I get to Kohlrabizirkus ?  From Parkbuhne to Agra ?  We've got your answer here...
     WGT Travel & Venue Info


     We track the bands that we have found out are playing, please let us know if we are missing any!  
     Now see the 2011 WGT Band List  WGT 2010 Bands  WGT 2009 Bands  


     When are the bands playing ?   See the Official Online Program
     Printable Excel Schedule


     Meeting people is one of the best things about WGT.
     Australians in Leipzig - Americans in Leipzig - English in Leipzig.


     Find out about food in Leipzig & at WGT here.
     WGT & Leipzig Food



     Find out flight info for WGT here


Got Questions ?

     Post your questions in our forum and we will answer them.  WGT Questions Forum


We have a whole WGT Section too!



Tickets at WGT are a 2 step process
  • Getting the tickets
    • May be 2 tickets, main ticket + camping/program book ticket
  • Exchanging the ticket for a concert/entry wrist band.
    • This is done at the start of the festival, beginning the night before
When & Where to get tickets:-
  • For those in Germany or Europe
    • Use the ticket order form here - English - Deutcsh
    • Buy tickets at authorized ticket agents (list usually appears online about a month before)
  • For those in the USA payment can be a problem.  Credit Cards are not accepted.  WGT must be paid by wire transfer which most banks don't easily understand and will often charge a big fee for.  (if you have had better luck, let us know which bank)
    • Option #1 - Get the tickets 'on the day' at a WGT ticket booth
      • Safest option as there are no lost ticket issues
      • More costly than the pre-sale price, but I have found it comes out about the same total as the US Bank wire fee
      • Tickets don't sell out so you wont miss out (the program book/camping there are 9999 of, so that might sell out)
      • Ticket booths open 5pm the night before.  The bad news is, this usually is when the pre-WGT drinks / dinners start too.  Australians in Leipzig - Americans in Leipzig - English in Leipzig.
    • Option #2 - Get into Town early and buy the tickets at an Authorized Agent
      • Agents fees usually are lower than the 'on the day' WGT price
      • In Leipzig itself they usually sell out 1-2 days before
      • If you are in another part of Germany before hand you can try agents there
    • Option #3 - Find someone in Germany who can process the payment / receive the tickets for you
      • Works well if you are visiting friends or relatives on a longer trip before hand


Bands who have played previously include (this is taken from my list & friends)

Christian Death (USA)
Dandelion Wine (AUS)
Das Ich (D)
Die Krupps (D)
Fields Of The Nephilim (GB)
Gothminister (N)
Hocico (MEX)
London After Midnight (USA)
Paradise Lost (GB)
Star Industry (B)

Visage, Angel Theory, Ikon, Novakill, Apoptygma Berzerk, Angel Theory, Diary of Dreams, Eva O, Zeromancer, The Human League, Tiamat, Mortis, This Morn' Omnia, MS Gentur.
Neuroticfish, Accessory, Lights Of Euphoria, Haujobb,  Inade, Eva 0, Die Krupps, The Skeletal Family, Love Is Colder Than Death, Zeromancer.
Visage, Girls Under Glass, Astrovamps, Bloody Dead & Sexy, Scary Bitches.
Ikon, Die Krupps, Hocico, Visage, Human League, & Haujobb.

Clan of Xymox, Covenant, Mephisto Waltz, Skeletal Family
 Corvus Corax, Diva Destruction, Funker Vogt, My dying Bride, Sex Gang Children, Suicide Commando, The Cascades, The Cruxshadows, Unto Ashes.
 Fixmer/Mc Carthy
Clan of Xymox, Coil, Covenant, Diva Destruction, Endraum, Funker Vogt, Icon of Coil, Melotron, Mephisto Waltz, Secret Discovery.
Camouflage, De/Vision, In Slaughter Natives, My dying Bride, Sanguis et Cinis, Sex Gang Children, Skeletal Family, The Cascades, The Crushadows, The Tors of Dartmoor, Unto Ashes.

Clan of Xymox, Clan of Xymox, Clan of Xymox, Clan of Xymox
Covenant, Diva Destruction, Funker Vogt, Icon of Coil, My Dying Bride, Sex Gang Children, Suicide Commando, The Cruxshadows.

Cruxshadows, Unheilig, Clan of Xymox, Icon Of Coil, Absurd Minds, Gothminister.
Strict Confidence, Secret Discovery, Terminal Choice, [:SITD:], Rotersand
Camouflage, Combichrist, De/vision, Deathstars, Diva Destruction, Suicide Commando, Cascades, Covenant, Funker Vogt, Tors of Dartmoor, Untoten.

Icon Of Coil, Gothminister, Fiendflug Suicide Camando SITD: Cruxshadows
Unheilig, Clan of Xymox, , Funker Vogt, Tactical Sekt, CombiChrist, De/Vision, Rotersand

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WGT Dates
Written by Lore   
Sunday, 26 October 2008 19:12

Upcoming dates for WGT - Wave Gothic Treffen festival 

2018: May 18-21
2019: June 7-10
2020: May 29-June 1
Last Updated on Monday, 29 May 2017 08:51
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