WGT Venues & Travel Times
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WGT Venues & Travel Times

One challenge at WGT is the many venues which things are held.  This is a guide for people staying in downtown Leipzig who wish to get to the various concert venues.

First thing you will probably want is the Tram Map in PDF.    LVB Website

Main Trams

Tram 10, 11 & 11E - will take you from Leipzig City Center --> Parkbühne --> Werk II --> Agra (Tram 11 only).
These trams go East around the city from the main train station called
Hauptbahnhoff, via Augustus-platz, Wilhelm Leuschner-platz and then South out of the city.

Tram 31 - Takes take you from Leipzig City Center --> Kohlrabizirkus --> Werk II --> Agra

Bus 32  - New for 2017.  Takes take you from Felsenkeller --> Täubchenthal --> Werk II   (Lindenau, Bushof und Connewitz, Kreuz über K.-Heine-Straße, Felsenkeller, Adler, K.-Liebknecht-/K.-Eisner-Straße, A.-Hoffmann-Straße und HTWK)

Tram 9 - will get you to Werk II (only) via a scenic route that takes in the Bayerischer Bahnhof (where the pre-WGT Drinks are held)
This tram goes West around the city, good for Schauspielhaus & people staying on that side of the city.



Google Map with many of the WGT Venues marked. Alternate Map with less places marked (missing Werk II)


Going From / Going To

  • Leipzig City Center to Agra :  Tram 11 & 11E to Am Eichwinkel & Dolitz (11E) - 30 mins
  • Leipzig City Center to Kohlrabizirkus :  Tram 16 to An den Tierkliniken - 20 mins (5 walking)
  • Leipzig City Center to Werk II :  Tram 9, 10, 11 & 11E to Connewitz-Kreuz - 15 mins
  • Leipzig City Center to Parkbühne :  Tram 10, 11 & 11E to Hohe Str then walk West - 15 mins(5 walking)
  • Werk II to Agra11 & 11E to Am Eichwinkel & Dolitz (11E) - 15 mins
  • Parkbühne to Agra :  Walk 5 mins up Haydn Str & Hohe Str - then Tram 11 & 11E - 20 mins
  • Parkbühne to Werk II :  Walk 5 mins up Haydn Str & Hohe Str - then Tram 10, 11 & 11E - 15 mins
  • Kohlrabizirkus to Agra :  Tram 31 to Am Eichwinkel & Dolitz - 30 minutes
  • Kohlrabizirkus to Werk II : Tram 31 (or Tram 16 back towards the city, change at Bayrischer-platz to the 9 to Connewitz-Kreuz.

Agra Hall

Address: Bornaische Str. 210 4279 Leipzig     Agra Location Map 
Tram:  11 & 11E (from Hauptbahnhoff)  
Stop Name:
Am Eichwinkel & Dolitz (11E)   
Nearest Venues: Werk II (15 minutes), Parkbühne (20 minutes), Pagan Village / Heidnisches Dorf (5 mins walk)
Time to City Center: 30 minutes (it's quite far south of the city)

"Agra" is the main WGT venue & where the headliners usually play.
Shopping area is to the left just after you enter, then you will pass Halle 4.2 with DJs at night, the entrance to see the bands is at the far end.  Food area is on the right just before you get to where people will be lining up to get inside.
Campgrounds are next door, through the back of the camp grounds is the Pagan & Viking Village.



Address: An den Tierkliniken 42, 04103 Leipzig        Kohlrabizirkus Location Map
  16 (from Hauptbahnhoff)   Stop Name: An den Tierkliniken
Nearest Venues: None really
Time to City Center: 20 minutes (including 5 walking)

This is probably the hardest venue to find as you can't see the venue from the tram.  The tram turns down Zwickauer Str on a double wide road and shortly after the turn is the An den Tierkliniken stop.  See this Sat Map to follow along.  You'll walk back slightly, cross the street and left down An den Tierkliniken, then right heading across the big parking lot down to the two silver domes you can see in the left of the picture.



Address: Bosestraße 1 
Tram:  9 (from Hauptbahnhoff) or Walk   Stop Name: Thomaskirche 
Nearest Venues: Werk II (15 minutes), Agra (20 minutes)
Time to City Center: 5 minutes

This venue is just to the West of the central city ring, probably easiest just to walk there if you are in the city center.  If you are coming from Werk II the 9 tram is an option for "door to door" but will take a little longer as the tram goes out of its way past the Bayern train station.



Address: Karl Heine Strasse 32, 04229 Leipzig     Felsenkell Map 
Tram:  (from Hauptbahnhoff)   14 (from Hbf West)   Stop Name: Felsen-keller   
Nearest Venues: Parkbühne, Schauspielhaus & Leipzig City Center
Time to City Center: est 20 minutes

New venue for 2009.



Werk II

Address: Kochstraße 132
Tram:  9, 10, 11 & 11E (from Hauptbahnhoff)  
Stop Name:
Nearest Venues: Parkbühne (10 minutes), Agra (15 minutes),
Time to City Center: 15 minutes (this stop is a hub for multiple lines, take whatever comes next from the 4 options)

This venue & Agra are on the same straight line tram from the city center so you can often pair up bands at both venues.  Venue itself is long and thin, if you want to get a good spot for a band get there early, at least 1 band before.



Address: Clara-Zetkin Park        Parkbühne Location Map
  10, 11, 11E (from Hauptbahnhoff)  
Stop Name:
Hohe Str (then walk 5 mins west, Hohe Str turns into Haydnstaße and turns slightly left)
Nearest Venues: Werk II (15 minutes), Agra (20 minutes) including walking to tram
Time to City Center: 15 minutes


Yes this venue is in a Park, it's a small amphitheater style of layout with a wall so you can't see in, it's not easy to find first time around due to the trees. The venue is 90% outdoors, there is only a tiny amount of shelter along the back wall.


WGT say to take tram 8, I don't agree, it leaves you far at the north end of the park and no where near the venue itself.
You are going to take Tram 10 & 11 all the time to Werk II & Agra, use that to your travel speed advantage.  All you need to do is get off at Hohe Str, walk West, continue down Haydn Str, the street just changes names
and turns slightly left, same street.  You end up hitting the park right where the venue is.

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